Cloud Servers and Sites

AllNet Systems provides you Linux and Windows servers for all your cloud computing needs.

Cloud Servers is both persistent and highly elastic. You get the best of both worlds since it looks and feels like a traditional server but is on-demand in the cloud. Whether you are hosting traditional applications that expect persistence or building cloud applications that dynamically work around failure, Cloud Servers has you covered.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Sites is a simple, versatile platform for hosting your websites and blogs. Your sites have to stay up and running, but you don’t want the hassle of dealing with infrastructure and servers. We get it. That’s why we promise 99.9% uptime for Cloud Sites. Worried about traffic spikes? Don’t be. Cloud Sites handles a grand total of 500 billion web requests per year. We’ll add server resources to handle sudden surges in traffic to your sites. Plus, with Cloud Sites, you can host unlimited domains while paying for just one account.